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Benefits of becoming a Member of my webite

To become a Member of my website is easy and this service is FREE.

You will be given advanced notice of Special Dance Events, when tickets can be purchased before Non-Members are given the chance.

You will be given notice of any cancelled dances due to bad weather etc.

Should any new bookings come in, that aren't already of the dance events pages, an email will be sent to you giving you details.

You will be sent periodical emails advising you of dance events coming up in the next month or two, so that you can plan your dance diary accordingly.

All our Members are spread around the County, and can appreciate that some of the emails we send to you will be irrelevant to you, due to your location and the dance venue in question. Don't worry - just delete them. We just don't want you to miss out on the opportunity of joining us, if you can.


Simply click on the Member icon at the top right of this page and click LOG IN.

The next screen will say SIGN UP WITH EMAIL - click on this. This will take you to the next screen that will ask you for your email address and a password (of your choice). Please remember this for in the future, as you may need to change contact details at a later date.


You can continue to move around the website. In you click on the Members icon again and press MY ACCOUNT, this will allow you to pop your name on the account so that we know who you are.

Any problems
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